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Pen and work: how to choose the right executive Visconti pen
Visconti Divina Elegance fountain pen in a businessman's hand while he signs contract

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Pen and work: how to choose the right executive Visconti pen


Career men and women whose ambitions and skills combine to bring them to the top of corporations like to distinguish themselves with small but essential details. Thanks to their elegant and refined style, Visconti pens are the must-have accessories on the desk, in the breast pocket, or purse of professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers of all kinds and ages. Choosing a precious, sophisticated, and instantly recognizable executive pen is a great way to capture the attention of every interlocutor.

Open Visconti black Divina Matte fountain pen on burgundy colored background

Whether it’s a supply contract, a business agreement, or a million-dollar negotiation, signing one’s name with a Visconti pen immediately instills confidence and reliability in one’s client or business partner, confirming the image of a professional who pays attention to every little detail and likes to leave a mark.

Timeless elegance for the most important signatures

Hand-inlaid silver threads and golden proportions are the emblematic features of the Divina Elegance collection, a true must-have for every executive. Its sinuous lines take their inspiration from the Nautilus shell. This spiral wraps around itself according to the rules of the golden section, long considered the mathematical expression of beauty. Each pen undergoes a lengthy process by Visconti artisans who craft each one with extreme care, making it one of a kind. The three available colors, burgundy, black, and imperial blue, are extremely sumptuous: a sobriety that becomes a symbol of absolute elegance, capable of making a difference even on the most important business occasions.

Executive pens for professionals with a strong personality

The iconic Divina Matte collection, a contemporary revisitation of the Divina Elegance, features an extraordinary matte finish that gives unique tactile and visual sensations. This pen is perfect for charismatic and enterprising professionals connected to the world of fashion and design, where creativity rules. The classic, essential style of the pentagonal spiral shape is enhanced by a dense, full-bodied finish, making this writing instrument both current and modern. Black and burgundy colors are paired with ruthenium and rose gold metalwork, respectively, giving an appealing aesthetic and a pleasant, smooth writing experience.

Executive pens for innovators

With the Homo Sapiens Lava Dark Age collection, it is possible to experience the thrill of holding the first writing instrument made from Etna’s lava in your hands. Visconti artisans forged this masterpiece inspired by the first objects that prehistoric people made by shaping basaltic rocks. Etna’s lava is worked together with resin through a secret process to obtain a material that is unbreakable, hygroscopic, and velvety to the touch. With this specimen, it is easy to impress your business partner and find great conversation starters by telling them about the innovative material from which the pen is made.

Within the Homo Sapiens family, you can find another very original collection made from unusual raw materials. The Homo Sapiens Dual Touch collection combines metal and palm leather in a single writing instrument. Craftsmanship and industry come together, resulting in dynamic and pleasant tactile sensations. The collection’s colors match the ones of the VSCT leather goods line: the cognac leather barrel pairs with yellow gold metalwork, black leather creates the perfect ton sur ton with its matching metal, and rose gold highlights the camouflage pattern. For this reason, the Homo Sapiens Dual Touch collection is also perfect to pair with one of the many leather accessories from the business travel collection, designed especially for those who are always on the road for work yet never give up elegance.

The executive pen for the art lover

The Medici collection is dedicated to one of the greatest dynasties in history, which allowed Florence to reach the height of its fame and splendor. The bond between Visconti and its city is unbreakable and widely celebrated in numerous collections that enhance the beauty of the Tuscan capital. The Medici pen features eight facets like the Baptistery of San Giovanni. The city’s historic symbol, the lily, adorns the ring of the barrel. The pen in golden black, golden blue, and rose gold evoke the Florentine semi-precious stone mosaics that decorate the walls of many Medici villas. Their extraordinary iridescent effects have been achieved with a unique combination of resin and silk fibers. This elegant and regal writing instrument is ideal for eclectic and creative entrepreneurs close to the world of collecting and art, who can appreciate the uniqueness of each specimen.

A personalized executive pen

In the business world, standing out through small details that make a difference is essential. Thanks to the My Pen System customization service, it is possible to make each writing instrument unique by following a few simple steps during the purchase phase. Visconti’s patented magnetic system allows you to replace the brand logo on the cap by choosing from the initials of your name, the twelve zodiac signs, or numerous gemstones if you want to add an extra touch of color. The possibility of personalizing Visconti pens of great added value for professionals but also ideal for those who wish to honor an important client with a unique and valuable collector’s item.


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