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Personalised pens, an expression of thoughtfulness and creativity
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Personalised pens, an expression of thoughtfulness and creativity


At Visconti we love to explore new creative avenues: from limited editions to pens with precious gems or gold plating to collaborations with great masters, nothing excites us more than combining the highest quality materials with the best design solutions. The new frontier? Customisation. To meet our clients’ needs even more fully, we have developed two customisation services to create unique and personal writing instruments of timeless value.


Make our collections truly unique

Add your personal touch to your pen with the help of My Pen System, a service to customise our collections. You can make each of your purchases or gifts unique by adding a special decorative details to our signature pens.

Metodi di personalizzazione penne

Many of our collections – such as the iconic Divina Elegance and Homo Sapiens Lava Bronze or the colourful Rembrandt and Van Gogh – feature a  magnetic mechanism that allows our craftsmen to personalise the small metal disc at the top or bottom of the pen. Before concluding your online purchase, click on the ‘personalise your pen’ button and select the decorative element that matches your personality and taste the most. You can opt for two initials, available in black, silver and gold, the symbol of one of the twelve zodiac signs and, finally, for an extra touch of colour, a semi-precious stone in your favourite shade or birthstone. We offer twelve different gems: the iridescent white pearl, the intense black onyx, the carnelian, malachite, agate and turquoise, to name but a few.

Conceptualising and designing your customised pen

We have always strived for perfection by maintaining the highest quality standards in our selection of raw materials and creation of appealing designs. Now, with our Atelier Service, it has become possible for writers to work side by side with our design team to create a customised pen based on their specifications. The design process goes through the study and choice of colours, finishes, metalwork, plating, nib size and every other element that can be adapted to match your writing needs.

Which hand do you use to write? What do you consider a comfortable grip? How thick is the stroke of your pen? Do you enjoy a light or more substantial pen? Are you more of a minimalist or maximalist? These are just a few examples of the types of questions our team of experts will ask during the consultation phase before the actual design phase begins.

How can anything be more enjoyable than actively participating in the creation of a custom instrument for a person passionate about writing by hand? Find the time to explore your writing style and technique along with our Atelier Service specialist and come up with a one-of-a-kind object to treasure and use. If the bespoke pen is destined for a loved one, the care and thought put into choosing the perfect features for that person are a sure proof of love and creativity.

Visconti’s know-how allows you to obtain a high-end product that is entirely customised, exclusive and strictly handmade by our craftsmen. Your involvement at the helm of the project will be central to the success of the design and final result. It will also allow you to express your creative side and channel it into a beautiful and practical object. Create an unrivalled product, enjoy an engaging shopping experience, and make your loved ones happy with an original gift.

The pleasure of a bespoke design

Thanks to Visconti’s two customised pen services, Atelier and My Pen System, join us behind the scenes and discover the long and meticulous creative process behind our exclusive and uniquely styled pens. Tell your story through an object that can describe your personality and style through colours, materials and interesting shapes. Give someone you love the emotion of a writing instrument that showcases both your style and the detailed craftmanship of our master artisans.


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