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Collector pens: models inspired by the greatest painters of all time
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Collector pens: models inspired by the greatest painters of all time


For writing enthusiasts, collectible pens are true heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation. They are symbols associated with a memory, an important occasion, or even a tribute to an illustrious figure from the past. Visconti has always been influenced by the rich artistic heritage of the city of Florence, which has given the brand a particular sensitivity to the aesthetics and expressive technique of the greatest painters of all time. This article focuses on our interpretation, in pen form, of the techniques used by two Dutch masters from the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries: Rembrandt and Van Gogh. 

The Rembrandt Collection: a tribute to the master of chiaroscuro

Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn, a 17th-century Dutch artist, is known for his palette of dark tones contrasted with golden reflections, which he skilfully uses to create his unmistakable chiaroscuro. From Caravaggio, he inherited movement and drama, light and shade. These pictorial elements were key to perfectly delineate the faces and hands of his subjects.

Just as Rembrandt used the chiaroscuro technique to give intensity and depth to his artwork, our master craftsmen mix the dyes used in his eponymous collection by hand. The veining that characterises the Rembrandt fountain pens makes each piece unique and irreplicable, just like a true work of art. The hypnotic charm of the artist’s masterpieces is evoked through the suggestive shades that colour the cap and barrel of the pen, recalling the three-dimensionality and dynamism of his paintings.

The fountain pens, rollerballs and ballpoint pens of the Rembrandt collection are forged in acrylic resin in a wide range of colours. They are distinguished by an elegant and timeless style and enhanced by the old-fashioned allure of palladium-finished metalwork. The clip gives a subtle nod to the brand with its laser-engraved logo.

Van Gogh Collections: inspired by the greatest exponent of Post-Impressionism

But our tributes to the great Dutch masters are not limited to the brushstrokes of Rembrandt. Through four different collections we have explored the timeless masterpieces of a 19th century prodigy, Van Gogh. Born in Holland, Vincent Willem van Gogh didn’t experience notoriety during his lifetime, but only posthumously thanks to the great efforts of his wife, Johanna van Gogh-Bonger. Van Gogh used self-portraits, rural sceneries, or subjects from everyday life to record his life experiences. His subject matters were created with a palette of bright, saturated colours, spread across the canvas with clear, contrasting brushstrokes. 

Moving away from Impressionism because of his decisive brushstrokes, Van Gogh was the forerunner of the Expressionist movement. He depicted his personal interpretation of reality on canvas through a marked emotionality. It is his instantly recognisable style that has inspired us to create four iconic collections. The common thread linking these exemplary pens is colour, a distinctive element of the painter’s work. The strength of the colour, the functionality of the textures, the impetuousness of the lines and the choice of subjects are the tools with which we have managed to transfer all the artist’s emotional power into a series of pens.

Van Gogh “Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman“, Van Gogh “The Novel Reader” and Van Gogh “Wheatfield with Crows” are the names of our creations inspired by the most memorable works of art in his repertoire. The first collection is the quintessence of the painter’s expressive power; the second celebrates the creative genius’ deep connection with the outdoors and comes with its personalised ink and bookmark that echo the shades of the painting; the third evokes the bright colours of the painting from which it is inspired and bears the painter’s signature on the nib; and finally, the fourth represents perhaps Van Gogh’s most symbolic work, Wheatfield with Crows

Explore the collections that pay homage to some of the greatest artists of all time and choose the writing instrument with which to give shape to every nuance of your personality.


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