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Gifting ballpoint pens: ideas and tips on how to choose the right one
Cofanetto penna a sfera Visconti Van Gogh

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Gifting ballpoint pens: ideas and tips on how to choose the right one


Visconti has transformed a common, everyday object like the ballpoint pen into a precious writing instrument, the perfect gift to suit every taste and need. The gift of a ballpoint pen is symbolic, it prompts the mind to recall a particular emotion or memory experienced on a special day in one’s life.

Gifting a ballpoint pen can become much more than a banal gesture repeated punctually on birthdays and ceremonies. It transforms into a pondered and carefully chosen gift with a particular recipient in mind, taking into consideration their tastes and expectations.

The gift of a Visconti ballpoint pen is a guaranteed success. Indeed, thanks to the wide choice of our collections, it is impossible not to find a colour and style that will delight the most demanding of writers!

Infinite shades of colour to inspire the creative mind

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a creative person who loves new inspirations, art and colours, the collection of ballpoint pens inspired by Van Gogh‘s paintings will undoubtedly be a winning choice. Visconti wanted to celebrate this great artist and his impetuous brushstrokes by creating colourful writing instruments embellished with fine yellow gold and palladium metal finishes.

Each pen faithfully celebrates one of the Dutch painter’s extraordinary masterpieces and captures their infinite nuances. In order to evoke the dynamism and numerous colour variants in Van Gogh’s paintings, Visconti has created an innovative  technique. In fact, to reproduce the special texture of the oil tempera on the canvas, our artisans use a special acrylic resin mix that is processed in such a way as to create ever-changing colour effects. Each pen has its own unique and unrepeatable pattern. Based on the represented masterpiece, an unmistakable rainbow of brushstrokes unfolds along the pen. One can choose between the enveloping yellow of Sunflowers, the intense blue of The Starry Night and the delicate pink of Pink Peach Tree in Blossom, to name but a few. The play of colours and wonderful shades make the ballpoint pens of the Van Gogh collection a perfect gift idea to dedicate to those who enjoy art and elegance in their everyday lives. 

la penna perfetta da regalare

The timeless elegance of black for the most original gift

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the ideal solution that combines elegance and simplicity without being too conventional. The Dark Age ballpoint pen, from the Homo Sapiens collection, goes back in time to the origins of our civilisation, adopting sober, decisive lines, intense colours and raw, yet unusual materials.

For the first time ever, Visconti has created a pen made entirely of basaltic lava from Mount Etna. The ingenious idea behind its use consists in transforming lava rock into a fine, dark black powder that is then combined with resin to form a malleable substance that can be moulded into any shape. The end result is a ballpoint pen made entirely of lava, soft to the touch, with a deep dark gray colour and shiny black metalwork.

The style of the Dark Age ballpoint pen is a perfect match for those who like to think outside the box, have a rebellious and determined soul, and enjoy a touch of gothic. The writing instrument’s timeless simplicity is made even more unique by its rare material that brings to mind volcanoes and the immutable power of nature.

Environmentally conscious ballpoint pens

More than ever before, it has become essential to respect our planet and local environment. More and more people are adopting virtuous behaviour in their daily lives that can reduce their ecological footprint. So why not opt for a gift in line with this environmentally respectful lifestyle? The Eco-logic ballpoint pen reflects our love for the planet. It is a perfect idea for all the free spirits who live in close contact with nature. A sustainable and durable object that responds to the needs of a changing world that needs to be cared for and protected.

The bioplastic obtained from the hemp plant, from which the pen is made, constitutes a precious natural raw material that lends itself to the production of numerous green and eco-sustainable products. The plant origin does not in any way affect the high resistance of the material, which makes the ballpoint pen an elegant and sophisticated everyday object, but at the same time one that can be used frequently without any risk of damage. Its black, blue and red colour variants are all striking and their intense, brilliant hue blends wonderfully with the palladium finish of their metalwork.

Gifting ballpoint pens for great occasions

Fine raw materials, golden ratio and jewel-like finish. These are the main features of the Divine Elegance ballpoint pen, a flagship product in Visconti’s wide range of writing instruments. In this case, science and nature come together to give life to a pen created following the harmony of the shapes of the natural world. Long and meticulous stages of design and workmanship make the Divine Elegance unique and exclusive, a perfect gift for life’s great occasions: graduation, making partner, passing a state exam, winning a competition and any other event worthy of being celebrated in style.

The pentagonal shape of the pen gives it a sinuous appearance that follows a slight spiral movement, enhanced by the silver inlays inserted manually one by one. This masterpiece was inspired by the perfect proportions of the golden ratio that is reflected in the relationship between the length of the cap and the length of the pen. The writing instrument’s structure is taken from Fibonacci’s nautilus sequence and, finally, the overall shape comes from the harmonic pentagram design. Moreover, an anti-tarnish alloy guarantees that the metal work will always be protected from oxidation to continue to bring a beautiful luminosity to the shimmering burgundy, black and imperial blue colour variants of the collection.

It is therefore easy to find the perfect gift for friends and family with Visconti ballpoint pens. The endless collections, the quality of workmanship and the innovative use of new and different materials are an absolute guarantee of success. Don’t wait to choose the right model to give a loved one or to select the right one to make your very own!


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