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4 great reasons to use a fountain pen
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4 great reasons to use a fountain pen


Some connect using a fountain pen to memories of school days when they came home with ink stains on their fingers. Today, however, with the advent of the digital age, the fountain pen has become synonymous with luxury and elegance, a collector’s item that allows you to stand out and express your personality. Moreover, there are still many handwriting enthusiasts who are well aware of this form of communication’s benefits. They understand that carefully selecting a suitable writing instrument can enhance their penmanship and offer a more enjoyable writing experience. Are you ready to learn or rediscover the thrill of using a fountain pen and enjoy the many advantages of this old-fashioned ritual?

Persona che sta scrivendo con la penna stilografica davanti a una tenda da campeggio

Enjoy your writing experience more

Today, writing by hand is becoming increasingly rare, with few still practicing it regularly. Most people prefer taking meeting or lecture notes on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Even having pen and paper close at hand can be difficult, and finding an ergonomic pen that allows for smooth, effortless writing can be challenging. On the other hand, using a fountain pen is a unique and timeless tool that offers a pleasurable writing experience thanks to its elegant and practical nib, which effortlessly glides over the paper. You will immediately notice the difference: say goodbye to a painful wrist or hand and enjoy seamlessly expressing your thoughts on the page.

Improve your penmanship

It has been proven that using a fountain pen can increase the quality of your penmanship and spelling and promote proper grip. It will also prompt you to jot down words with greater care and emphasis, unlike when you use other tools. The fountain pen makes it natural to write in cursive with greater accuracy and neatness, encouraging you to focus on curlicues and other details. At first, if you are not used to using a fountain pen, you may have difficulty finding the correct flow, but this fascinating instrument will gradually adapt to your style. If you want to get the most out of your fountain pen calligraphy, it is essential to know the different types of nibs and their sizes to choose the one that best suits your writing style.

Make a sustainable and durable choice

Many of us have lost a pen only a minute after using it. This can often happen with ordinary disposable biros that are easy to replace and therefore provide no sentimental value. When it comes to a fountain pen, if used and stored correctly, it can last decades or even longer. Modern pens have certainly made writing more straightforward, but too often, we buy new ones when the ink has run out or when we grow dissatisfied with the model we own. At first glance, this practice might seem cheaper, given the cost of a good quality fountain pen, but investing in a durable writing instrument and replacing its cartridges is much more cost-effective in the long run. In addition, the fountain pen is a sustainable choice, considering how much plastic pollution throwing away disposable pens generates. Using a fountain pen is, therefore not only a stylistic quirk but also a more conscious choice to reduce plastic consumption.

Express your individuality

Finally, Visconti’s fountain pens offer yet another important advantage: personalization. Thanks to the brand’s customization services, you can transform your pen into a unique and unmistakable object.

With My Pen System, it becomes easy to personalize the metal disc on the cap or barrel of the pen by adding the initials of a special person, a zodiac sign, or one of the twelve available semi-precious stones. Choose among one of Visconti’s customizable collections -including Mirage, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt – and bring your personal touch to your writing instrument or gift.

To push the bar even higher in the field of customization, Visconti has also devised the Atelier Service, which allows you to create of a fully customized pen from the planning stages to the design choices. In fact, Visconti’s staff is ready to fulfill each customer’s wishes by researching the best raw materials and meeting the highest quality standards. In addition to creating the perfect pen based on technical characteristics, such as the type of grip and left-handed or right-handed writing, it is possible to experience the excitement of making a one-of-a-kind specimen that is entirely bespoke.

Thanks to Visconti’s two customization services, you will enjoy a fully immersive experience by participating actively in the creative process and helping to design an absolutely unique object to treat yourself or a loved one with a collector’s writing instrument.


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