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Give your desk a touch of style with these elegant collector’s pens in bespoke boxes
Qwerty collection desk set with enameled silver keys.

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Give your desk a touch of style with these elegant collector’s pens in bespoke boxes


One cannot imagine a collector’s pen without imagining its beautiful matching case, making each writing instrument even more exclusive. Each Visconti collection comes in an elegant and evocative case that not only holds the precious pen but also transforms into a statement piece for your desk.

Set da tavolo collezione Alexander the Great Visconti con scultura bronzea di Alessandro Magno in sella al suo destriero Bucefalo.

Personalized collector's pen cases that tell a story

Each case expands on the story narrated through the collector’s pens that take inspiration from great historical figures, humanity’s fascination for nature, the Florentine goldsmith tradition, or the most celebrated masterpieces of Renaissance art, to name a few. Thanks to Visconti’s designer’s distinctive creativity, the bespoke case enriches each instrument in ever-changing compositions to be proudly displayed as decorative pieces. The brand’s master artisans create these expressive cases, just like the collector’s pens, using fine raw materials and meticulous craftsmanship. The process starts with a careful study of the inspirational theme and ends with the elaboration of a functional and evocative object that not only protects but also becomes an added value for every collector.

Discover the Visconti collector’s pens that boast the most iconic personalized cases with a sophisticated and eye-catching aesthetic.

Qwerty: vintage aesthetics to celebrate a timeless instrument

The Qwerty collection is an extraordinary example of the use of jewelry techniques and surprises with its old-fashioned design and charm. The inspiration for this limited edition of only 388 pieces comes from the first alphanumeric keyboard patented by Christopher Sholes in 1864, which then gave impetus to the production of the first typewriters on a large scale, revolutionizing people’s way of writing forever. Indeed, the collection’s fountain and rollerball pen present numerous nods to vintage keyboards, starting with details reminiscent of typewriter keys and the letters forming the word Qwerty in enameled silver that run up its barrel in random order.

The pens in the Qwerty collection also come with a special dedicated box designed as a true showpiece. The case takes inspiration from early Remington typewriters. It consists of an upper part containing two glass ink bottles, one red and one black, and a lower section where the pen is stored. This case also features a transparent cover embellished with aged silver keys with ivory enamel forming the collection’s name and the Visconti logo on an aged silver plaque with a retro decorative motif inspired by typewriter hammers.

Passion and strength in the Alexander the Great collector's pen box set

The great Macedonian leader Alexander the Great, often described as charismatic, courageous, strong, and intelligent, ruled over a boundless empire from Europe to Asia. The Alexander the Great collection, in a limited edition of 323 pieces, celebrates his deeds and personality with a meticulously crafted collector’s pen embellished with the scrimshaw decorative technique and aged bronze and gilded silver metalwork. On the barrel and cap, made of ivory-colored resin, the map of the leader’s empire is faithfully etched using the scrimshaw technique, an age-old tradition once applied to animal bones and tusks to decorate accessories and furnishings.

The collection’s pens, available in fountain and rollerball models, are accompanied by a unique table set. The wood-effect base supports the bronze sculpture of Alexander the Great riding his steed Bucephalus. According to legend, he was an untamable, undisciplined stallion no one could ride. Only Alexander, who won the horse during a bet with his father when he was only ten, succeeded in the feat thanks to his courage and stubbornness. Bucephalus thus became his trusted companion in life and battles. Next to the majestic bronze sculpture, a gilded stand allows you to display the pen vertically, in all its opulence and sumptuousness.

Traveling to the New World with the Amerigo Vespucci collector's pen

The collection dedicated to the famous Florentine explorer Amerigo Vespucci has a place of honor among the ones with the most striking boxes. It celebrates the age of great discoveries with a collectible rollerball pen made with fine materials and refined techniques. Once again, the scrimshaw technique returns to decorate the pen’s body with minute details of Waldseemüller’s Map, the first representation of the continents and America.

To enable every collector to display this collector’s pen at its best, Visconti has devised a strikingly designed case paying homage to one of the most valuable instruments that helped Vespucci during his long periods of navigation. The box is shaped like the astrolabe, once used to calculate the position of the Sun and prominent stars based on the day, hour, and one’s latitude. The wooden astrolabe features engravings of the graduated scale and Visconti’s logo, as well as two metal needles to hold and display the pen in all its beauty. The wooden pedestal at the astrolabe’s base is embellished with a striking bas-relief depicting the figure of Amerigo Vespucci alongside a large planisphere, once again paying homage to the great explorer and his undeniable contribution to the development of modern civilization.

A collector's pen set dedicated to the noble art of falconry

The timeless fascination for falconry’s ancient and noble art gave birth to Falconer, a collection made with precious metals, unusual materials, and artisanal techniques. The collector’s pen features a hand-painted falconer on his steed by renowned artist Claudio Mazzi, who creates masterpieces using the airbrush painting technique. To accentuate the pen’s Middle Eastern atmosphere, the brand’s designers added brown leather embossed with an extraordinary bas-relief that faithfully reproduces the pattern on the medieval-era falcon hood on display at the National Museum of Qatar on the cap and blind cap. The fountain pen‘s rose gold metalwork and 18-karat gold nib bring a touch of brightness to the overall effect. The rollerball model is embellished with vermeil, a unique, highly sought-after variety of gold-plated silver that many royal families traditionally used for their coronation ornaments and services.

The collector’s pens in the Falconer collection are unique and precious specimens that deserve an equally spectacular case. The bespoke box showcases a solid-aged bronze sculpture depicting an imposing hawk with its wings spread out, ready to swoop down on its prey. It is a true sculptural masterpiece that symbolizes the majesty and importance of the ancient art of falconry, which was recognized as a Living Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2016.


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