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Machina Collection

The body and cap of the Machina pen are made artisanally and are decorated with Da Vinci’s revolutionary technical drawings of machines. These illustrations were taken from one of the Tuscan artist’s biggest body of work, the Atlantic Codex.


“Every instrument in itself

must function according

to the experience from

which it originates.”

Leonardo da Vinci

The mind of a genius

Leonardo da Vinci, has become the epitome of the Renaissance genius, a master of art and science. Born near Florence, his visionary inventions have become just as famous throughout the world as his artistic creations. The Machina collection is inspired by Da Vinci’s brilliance and commemorates the 500th anniversary of his death.

The Sanguine technique

The distinct look of the Machina pen is due to the engravings that recall the Sanguine technique, an artistic style very much in vogue during the Renaissance and often used by Da Vinci.

The mahogany box in which the pen nestles is in the shape of an icosahedron, a solid with 20 triangular faces which symbolises water and its movement.

Machina fountain pen

Available in other colours

Machina rollerball pen

Available in other colours

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